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Ann Seig and Shop Your Way to Wealth

Ann Seig  “Shop your way to wealth”


annseig Ann Seig is promoting a program which offers to train home business seekers fed up with their jobs a way to Shop your way to wealth.  When you click on the email link she sends to her subscribers it offers a taster video telling you about a FREE webinar you can sign up to !

The “shop your way to wealth” system is a catch a stupid fish ploy. The video teaser makes the program seem popular and something you need to wait to get on and the general internet money opportunity seeker will bite Ann’s keyboard off to get in that queue.

Doubt me?   If you see a queue do you feel drawn to it. What if that queue was full of folk who didn’t know what the queue was for?  “Let’s not leave we might lose our place!”

A long queue at any door is always attractive.

In fact I remember joining a queue at Disneyland with my kids just because it was there.  I wanted to get in early for whatever it was, human nature folks.  Turns out my kids didn’t know the costumed character was, so it was a waste of time!


So, Can you really “Shop your way to wealth?

Find out quickly without the time lag and possibly waste three hours of your see the video below:


The “model” is simply put that you go out and buy things wherever you can find them locally and then re-sell them on Amazon.  

You get the typical MLM presentation intro and in fact Ann Seig previously trained “How to find customers for your MLM business, sold books, training etc. See Video presentation here

Do you see a pattern?

Anyway this pitch starts with “testimonials” from stay at home business builders who follow the plan then show you their earnings. What you don’t see is how much the goods they bought actually cost!

It’s a great pitch that lots of people looking for a winning strategy will jump at, especially the ladies as its “ Shop your way to Wealth “ after all.

The concept of buying things cheaply then selling them at a profit is not exactly a new one after all. Eg

Your local garage showroom goes to car auctions or takes trade ins and sells these buy ins at a profit. Nothing wrong with that.

But Amazon?

I have a friend who goes along to our local TKMAX  store buys golf and sports clothes then sells them at a profit. He was telling me just this weekend about a ski racing suit he bought for £20 and sold for £60 on Ebay – he even took a picture of him wearing the skin tight racing suit, which seeing as he is about 200lb wasn’t pretty! Anyway he says it’s a no lose scenario because he told me if it doesn’t sell he takes it back and gets a refund!

Sounds interesting –

  • Yes, it is an enticing business model.
  • also involves a lot of hard work.
  • Go to the shop, figure out what will sell and what won’t
  • set up eBay auctions, taking pictures of each item
  • accept payments, leave feedback, and then ship each item in a timely manner.

And of course, you end up with non-paying bidders,

  • people who leave negative feedback
  • lost packages in the mail
  • people who want to return things, and so on
  • Just the usual every day crap involved in running a business where the buyer is king


How does the Ann Seig “ Shop your way to Wealth “ work?

Shop Your Way To Wealth is pretty much Amazon Local Retail Arbitrage.

Amazon Arbitrage

Amazon -arbitrage

What you do is go to your local store with their inclusive Amazon App and scan items to see what kind of prices they are going for on Amazon on your smartphone.If the price is a bargain and cheaper than Amazon’s …you buy the lot and pack them off to Amazon to handle the bad side previously detailed.

This is called Fulfillment by Amazon

amazon fulfilment

Amazon – shop your way to wealth

That just means when you send items into Amazon in bulk, they will package the item for you, ship the item for you and handle customer service and returns for you.

Welcome to being an Amazon employee basically.

In order to make a lot of money at this, you have to move a lot of product.   You need to sell a lot of found “stuff” to make your “cut”

Oh and watch out for the fees Amazon will charge. That’s another reason  “things are more expensive on Amazon ”

The idea that Amazon will “handle everything” is a bit of an over statement.

It’s your gamble as you have to up front buy the stock that you ship to them, and then allow Amazon to sell it whilst deducting their share.

If your “stuff” doesn’t sell then you are out of pocket! Just listing your overpriced “stuff” you found doesn’t mean someone on the internet is going to buy it at that dearer -add on price.

So finally -Is “Shop Your Way to Wealth” a scam?

Well it does have a good community spirit of “sellers” who share their experiences and Ann Seig comes across as a fairly nice mother hen figure who does seem to care about her “students”Ok they paid $2000 so they do need a bit of comforting.


Can you make a lot of money, well yes people do make money selling on Amazon. My experience is that you charge more than your website prices even though folks can search your site out just by typing your company name into Google .. they don’t. Security of dealing through Amazon may be the reason they pay extra.

At the end of the day the person making the most out of this will be Ann Seig. Ask yourself , if it was so profitable why would she tell everybody so they can compete with her? And in turn I could offer you a program to teach pigs to fly! Ok … its hard work but if you pick your piggie up  (please do not actually try this) and heave hard into the air  it works for a second or two!

Verdict : Actually Not a scam but very expensive mentoring – 4/10






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