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Juice Plus Business Opportunity


Juice plus Juice powders

What is Juice Plus and is it a good opportunity

Founded in 1993 Juice Plus has been going for a long time and based even just on this longevity we can surmise its not a flash in the pan MLM scam!

As soon as the word MLM is mentioned (or if you google it) some folks seem to go into a paranoia fuelled anti MLM rant. Yes there are companies that have taken advantage of inexperienced wealth seekers and who asked newbies  to spend far too much on dubious products that they don’t need or normally use. These companies don’t last.

And if it was a “Pyramid scheme” it would be illegal, and as such closed down by the legal authorities in whatever country you are in now.

On the other hand there are good companies who offer a fairly priced and worthwhile product range.I like companies who are manufacturers of the products they sell to their customers. Though few and far between these manufacturing companies can offer a competitively priced range of products that  are everyday purchases. Products such as Washing powder, cleaning products, personal care – toothpaste, deodorants etc.

A manufacturer using this business model to promote its produce can cut their costs by not spending money advertising and in turn focus these savings on good ingredients,research and ultimately paying its customers / distributors. The company I buy my products from provides safer, greener and less chemical dependant cleaners and skincare that I choose to buy and also get paid to recommend – see here

Regards Juice Plus people seem to like the idea of the simplicity and convenience of getting their veggie and fruit intake in pill form. Even though there is some conficting advice from “nutritional experts” on the efficacy of them.


Juice Plus

The companies primary products are “Orchard Blend” (fruit juice powder supplement) and “Garden Blend” (vegetable juice powder-based) capsules. These two products are sold together in a four-month pack at a cost of approximately £155. Other supplement products available in the Juice Plus line are Vineyard Blend (grape/berry juice powder-based) capsules.

In the weight control range Juice Plus Complete is available which is a meal replacement powder.

There is also a chewy type veggie sweet which are the Juice Plus Chewables in both Orchard and Garden Blends and Juice Plus Chewables in Vineyard Blend.

The company points to 16 clinical studies that found the pill supported the immune system, boosted heart health and effectively increased antioxidant nutrients in the body. Juice Plus also say their supplements can reduce the effects of a high-fat meal.

However, although the research was published in peer-review journals, most of it was funded by the manufacturer.  The company say such sponsored projects are normal practice in the industry.

Reading further we are told that the reputations of the universities and scientists who carry out these trials in turn would not benefit by publishing skewed financially biased findings.

Dr Isadore Rosenfeld from New York Hospital Weil Cornell Medical Center writing on backed the efficacy of the products He says: ‘It is not marketed either as a fiber supplement or as a substitute for eating more fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains. He says its product has not been designed to replace real food because it IS real food. He also states, it should only be used as part of a healthy lifestyle – and fruit and vegetables should be very much on the menu.’

A high profile celebrity user is the survival expert Bear Grylls who said he has used Juice Plus + since he was a teenager.

What the company says:

Next Best Thing To Fruits and Vegetables
Juice PLUS+ is more than just the next best thing to fruit and vegetables: Juice PLUS+ is the way to a new life in which you will feel better and more at ease with yourself. This lifestyle change has now been established for over 20 years. But the actual story of Juice PLUS+ begins much earlier than this. Back in 1970, Jay Martin founded NSA (National Safety Associates) in Collierville, Tennessee (USA). This was a company that was about making people’s lives safer and better by producing fire and smoke detectors before the masses were aware of the importance of such devices. In 1993, the foundations of the company as we know it today were laid down and Juice PLUS+ began.

juice plus franchise

Juice plus

Juice Plus as a business opportunity

You can purchase products on the official website or through a distributor or you can join and be part of the sales side and earn income.

Juice Plus products are marketed by individual distributors who receive sales commissions ranging from 6% (for enrolling five customers in 30 days) to 14% (for enrolling twenty customers in 30 days) . This is the MLM model of business loved by some and hated by many, even though the “many” have no full understanding of this business model.

Our first concern was Juice Plus cost for initial order of products. If you join as a distributor then the price for a four-month pack is £200 in full or £57 per month for a 4 month supply (£1.50 per day) .
I am a bit surprised there is no cash back, a satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy.  A lot of companies,including mine, offer this. You do have a 14 day money back cooling off period but no product return option that I can see on their website in FAQ.

They Say: The Juice Plus business is flourishing today because it is offered exclusively through person to person marketing. People always become interested in a product if they hear someone they know and trust sing its praises. Naturally they will want to know more. This is your turn….and why we encourage you to share Juice Plus with your friends, family,  neighbours, people you go to school with, or work with. You want these people to enjoy the health benefits of Juice Plus.

As a business its obviously got its merits.

Sit down and think about the challenges you will face taking it on as a business. I always relate starting a home business to some of the traditional businesses I have started which have cost thousands in shop fitting, stock and legal fees upfront. This is a small gamble compared to a bricks and mortar business.

Finally you have to decide is it something you could believe in ( after trying the products ) and would like promoting it to friends and family?

Juice plus in my opinion could be a reasonable business opportunity for someone who likes the companies vision.  You could do worse. Business view – 7/10

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