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Can you make money with Jeunesse? Honest review

The Jeunesse Business Opportunity review

Please note –  The Jeunesse opportunity is not free to start,  but compared to starting a traditional business its pretty close!

Disclaimer : I am not associated with Juenesse.

Jeunesse the company

Jeunesse products

First off I actually like the MLM business model !

It can reward hard work and effort, and if you get it right, is definitely cheaper than starting out with a traditional business. Please note with Startafreebusiness you will not  be getting a biased review like some internet MLM bashers.

A good MLM can offer people great products and a cost effective way to make a live able income. And I must add that most of the people I have met that are involved in MLM are good honest people who grow their business based around products they like and in doing so actually want to help others.

In this review I will try to give you an insight into the Jeunesse business plan, its products,  and is it in my opinion a good company for anyone looking for a business to get started with.

Let’s take a look at the company …

Jeunesse Global Review – The Company

Niche -Cosmetics, personal care, wellness

Jeunesse was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009.   In 2015 the company acquired a 130,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Heathrow, Florida, and opened a “Jeunesse West” facility in Draper, Utah, with 150 staff. In the same year and after trading for only 6 years in they reached $1 billion in annual turnover. Randy and Wendy claim they are one of the modern new breed of MLM companies who offer something new to their distributors. (This may just by hype as I looked for something new but just see you still have to recruit family and friends to buy or to sell their products )


The inc 500, which ranks America’s fastest-growing private companies, also served as an early indicator of the remarkable growth at Jeunesse. In 2014 the company made its debut on the list at 564 and by 2015 was breaking into the top 10 percent, known as the Inc. 500, at No. 564 . In 2015, Jeunesse ranked No. 267 and with three-year growth of 811 percent. Very Impressive growth.


Jeunesse products provide nutritional and beauty solutions at the high cost end of the market . The products range from nutrition to personal care.  One of the most popular is Luminesce.


(Def : Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; it is thus a form of cold body radiation. It can be caused by chemical reactions, electrical energy, subatomic motions, or stress on a crystal )


Jueness say that Luminesce is a unique skincare and moisturizer as it has a special (patent pending) formula that is designed to improve skin firmness and in turn give you smoother skin. Plus it is meant to give you a youthful glow. I haven’t tried this however reviews of this product tend to be positive


Juenesse says : Luminesce works by promoting new cell growth and cellular rejuvenation through stem cells.

It has been shown that new cell growth is important and essential for our development – it’s how we grow and develop from child to adult.

As we age cell growth decreases and stem cells in the body begin to age causing their function to slow down. These factors can cause saggy complexion and a dull look, since skin cells can’t accept nutrients or remove toxins from the inside.


Jeunesse has developed a Youth Enhancement System also known as Y.E.S that uses antioxidant ingredients and Stem Cell innovation to repair DNA and help generate new and healthy cells.


Be flawless Jeunesse Instantly Ageless ™ (sachets)

Juenesse says : Instantly ageless is a potent anti wrinkle micro-cream that helps effectively reduce visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and damage skin.

 Jeunesse instantly ageless helps revive the skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles, fines lines and enlarge pores for a smooth and flawless look.

A perfect day starts with healthy perfect looking skin.

In the search for the best ways to provide accurate skin solutions Jeunesse has developed a lightweight formula made from a skin conditioning complex of minerals that helps even skin tone.

Instantly ageless is designed to target areas in the skin that have lost elasticity and suppleness – resulting in visibly lifted skin.

Many users report drastic results in seconds.

 Instantly ageless is one of the core products that I keep seeing touted by Juenesse distributors. An instant facelift and wrinkle control! Very clever idea…

 When I checked Amazon reviews : not everyone was enamored :

 Amazon review – see the product for sale here 

Here’s the thing! I originally asked a local distributor if this is anything like sudden change? (60’s product)That product also tightens skin and leaves residue behind nit to mention when u smile u have more wrinkles then originally have!!! So the distributor said no its different! I bought a sample to try! My opinion it is the same as sudden change! In fact back in the 60’s my mom used to use sudden change when it first came out! At that time they mixed foundation with it and it worked quite well! So my review here is yes instantly ageless does diminish circles and tightens them! But have any of them models smiled hard or jusr smile in general after? No u barely see any that do, it causes more wrinkles to form, in fact wrinkles u don’t even have!!! Scientifically that extra skin has to go somewhere,granted its under the cream and dries stiff on your face. If u let the product dry as u are not smiling it looks all tight and taut! But i dare u to smile after lol u will have a face full of artificial wrinkles!!! Again this is what i assumed waa going to happen!!! I tried putting face cream on my eye bags just a tad to maybe loosen the dreadful artificial wrinkles and if anything all that did was take off the instantly ageless! So not trying to down such a liked product, im just simply stating my facts and trial! So im really not sold on this! Glad i didnt buy the whole set! Again it may wirk well fir others but once u smile Boom all these new wrinkles appear !


Found a very interesting comment on a review page:

“Ok everyone…. These types of products have a main ingredient of sodium silicate…. The same thing in the little moisture absorbant packages in shoe boxes that says do not eat. I originally saw this as Lechlers Theatrical Makeup Wrinkle Remover 25 years ago when I entered into the Pro Makeup Realm. Lechler is a paint manufacturer(very good co)and this is an ingredient regularly used in making paint. Silicate is non toxic and inert. The product does work! The problem is it does so by dehydrating the skin. Modern formulations have added different ingredients to soften the harsh effect but none the less the main ingredient is still the silicate. The product creates a temporary effect good until you wash your face. I would use this product, it does work, but only for very special events and i would make sure to heavily hydrate the skin after use with a strong moisturizer as well as remaining hydrated(drink water) while you are wearing it. My concern is that the cumulative effect would be to worsen the condition of the skin with regular or long term use as.” It isn’t cheap so why not spend your money with a dermatologist that has the latest products and a license to protect. The “distributor” has nothing to lose. I researched this company and won’t be spending a dime. – See more at:



The package is tiny as if you’ve been sent a Tiffany bracelet in a white box of hope. I used my 84 year old vain mother as the template for the application. Her vision is marred due to her recent development of cataracts so I figured she’d be happy with any results I told her. I tried it on both of us at the same time and as we collectively held our breaths for the cream to freeze and lift the bags under our eyes, the results actually happened for her. Seriously, she looks 15 years younger. It was amazing. Perhaps the older you are the better it works. Although the bags under my own eyes had a smidge of improvement, I was hoping more than seeing more. It’s like marrying a guy with so many red flags, you think you’re in a parade, instead of stranded at the freak show. But hey, I’m giving this 4 stars, because my mother and her third husband (who’s negativity is only surpassed by his small mindedness) are so pleased with the results, they’ve decided to take a vacation. And whenever they leave town, it’s a vacation for me as well.


Juenesse also have SUPPLEMENT / Weight Loss RANGE too Zen ..  It again is pricey 

 Jeunesse Business Opportunity Review

Like any network marketing company, when you sponsor a person into the business you get paid on the product pack they purchase.  Personally, I love the recruiting side of introducing people and showing they are getting a good deal, however lots of people just don’t or won’t do this one thing that will make them successful in this business model whatever the company they are with.


Jeunesse Global has 6 ways to earn income:

  • Retail Profit
  • New Customer Acquisition Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Leadership Matching Bonus
  • Customer Acquisition Incentive
  • Leadership Bonus Pool
  • Website product sales


My opinion

Jeunesse is a viable business with glitzy products that attract the attention of young and old.

Entry cost in the UK is reasonable – around £24 initially plus you order 100 points monthly in products. Each product has a points value .. the 100 points is about £150 in product order. Part of this you can retail at full price so you will make profit.  Instantly Ageless packs for example are a good seller with lots of customer appeal.

Repeat sales may start to dwindle however its entirely up to you how much you can retail —  after all its sales, love it or hate it…. it works for a lot of people. You have to make sure you are selling or your stock level will fill up your garage quickly and you will have a serious stash of products, that you can’t … oh wait a minute …that’s why we are seeing lots of them on Amazon and Ebay.


Bad bits: It has some major pitfalls though:

Costs a lot to buy every month, you need to make sure you are retailing as its a lot to use for one person. This Again possibly why you see so many distributors selling on Ebay and Amazon.. (not sure if the company endorses this btw. )

The products seem like they are good enough that distributors like them … a lot .. comments such as Best ever etc! I don’t blame them for this belief as its important to believe in your companies product range.

Jeunesse has attracted a lot of attention and it figures are quite frankly very good. As for whether it will make you money thats a 50/50

End of the day its up to you … I give the Jeunesse opportunity  a 5.5/10

Final Verdict : Not a scam but requires consistent selling to keep you going.





Here is an opportunity where there is no need to sell or buy extra products see here





2 thoughts on “Can you make money with Jeunesse? Honest review

    1. Colin Brunton Post author

      Avon is one of the biggest and oldest Direct Selling (they don’t like being called MLM) companies out there and has created a lot of wealthy distributors. In these times of reduced job opportunities these are a viable option for some but like you say Sylvie not for everyone 🙂

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