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Great home based business ideas UK – simply done

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Great home based business ideas UK

Great Home based business ideas UK

A great home based business ideas uk may be good if you want to an extra income and in turn it could make a better life for you and your family.

But the thing is you have never done anything like this before!

So, where do you start?

It can be a daunting searching for a way to make money if like most folks you don’t want to spend a fortune at the outset.

No Problem…  reading this article, you probably used google to search for what is the top home business ideas in the UK  2016. If you did that simple task,  using a search engine then you too can get going and start a business.

The internet offers many opportunities for income seekers and there are lots of ways to make extra income. Here are a few of the most common ways people make a living online.


Ebay Tablet

An Ebay Business -Great home based business ideas UK

Selling on EBAY

You could sell things on Ebay, however this involves finding stock of good quality. The Chinese manufacturers site Alibaba might be a good starting point if you are looking for products to sell.

Feedback is vitally important. Remember if you sell substandard or damaged goods or in fact dangerous goods then its not just feedback you need to worry about, more seriously you might be sued!

EBay are very customer orientated!

ebay model

Ebay business- a Great home based business ideas UK

Ebay will make a point of keeping you the seller informed of any disputes or postal issues and warning you of impending action taken by your customers. And if your star rating goes below a certain level or if an item takes longer than a few days to be delivered, you will get bad star rating. This happens even if it is not your fault! Customers as a rule expect gleaming service and any delay in getting their order and the give you no mercy.

A way round this is to offer free postage however this means adjusting your sale price, and Ebay is mega competitive with lots of other sellers pricing at cut throat low profit prices.

Ebay charges are around 10% -15% and you also will be charged Paypal fees on the card payment to see this comment on the Ebay seller forum 


I rarely use eBay for selling but did so the other day to sell my son’s guitar amp for him.

The amp sold for £500 and when the PayPal transaction went through I was deducted £17.20 in fees which I thought was a bit steep but accepted it.

Then to my horror, I received an email from eBay saying my invoice was £49.97. I thought this must be some mistake but on investigating found that the £17.20 was only PayPals fee (3.4% +20p) and then eBay take another 10%.

Now I know I am the idiot for not having read the fee policy properly before selling through eBay but I guess I just assumed the fees for a site like this would be a fairly low percentage of the total transaction.

Taking over £67 off me on a £500 sale is just ridiculous. I will not sell through eBay again.


Ebay can be a good way to exchange items  – i.e. I recently sold an old iPhone and used the money in Paypal to buy a new part for my computer. That saved me money … but selling on Ebay is only a 5 /10 as a business due to horribly expensive charges.===============


Gumtree Logo -Great home based business ideas UK


In the past few years Gumtree has grown to be a major player in the second hand goods. Just like Ebay you can sell unwanted or items that you are selling or you can source goods and sell as a business. There are no listing charges however there are charges if you want to promote your what you are selling.

Prices tend to be cheaper than Ebay however there are no warranties or customer protection on faulty goods. Obviously if you offer credit card facilities the customer is covered under distance selling guidelines. However most transactions are Cash. This often involves actually meeting the buyer to deliver the goods or them coming to you. Not everyone is happy dealing like this and as previously mentioned there is no protection warranties.

Gumtree is becoming a very popular site for posting Jobs or Business Opportunities as well.

Still not a great home business in my opinion. 4/10


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