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Affiliate marketing and it’s potential for income

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Wealthy Affiliate: Affiliate marketing and it’s potential income

Affiliate marketing and it’s potential for income

Affiliate marketing and it’s potential for income makes sense.  For example when you recommend something you bought at the supermarket were you paid for recommending it?


Well with Affiliate marketing it does and will pay you for giving honest reviews and telling people about products you personally like.

It can offer a great potential income source.

Say you visit a restaurant and love the food.  The next time someone asks you where they should go to eat you say the restaurant and you were just at.


If this was affiliate marketing what happens now is that you get paid for recommending the restaurant  for being helpful. It makes good business sense. And you get paid for recommending something you like.

Affiliate marketing is a way for the Online entrepreneur to make income.

You don’t have to be a computer wiz kid you just need to be tenacious and have the ability to learn. There are lots of opportunities for you to get paid because there are lots of people selling things on line and if you can get a little bit of that it could just change your life.

For instance say you were travelling the world backpacking. You could write about your experiencesAnd recommend places to visit and where to eat in the cities you visit. Get good traffic numbers to your site and travel firms will pay to advertise on your site and you can also link to Amazon with books about the places you are visiting and get paid for recommending them too!

You maybe like a particular coffee grinder — so you research the market by visiting Amazon and reading reviews of buyers of all the coffee grinders and use this information to grade your coffee grinder post on your website.  Like this –

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Affiliate marketing and it’s potential income

To find out more about how you can get started see here 





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